Q: What you mean 365 Days / 24 Hours?
We have a 365 days Delivery included holiday, new year, or nay public holiday
24 Hours mean , all of your order, included pre-order, we will ship out a day before your delivery date 24 hours from our factory to your place


Q: What is your Shipping Schedule?
We have a daily shipping and we will send you a Shipping Notification on SMS or E-mail
Today’s Order, Tomorrow Ship Out, Day After Tomorrow Receive


Q: What i should do if i Receive my item on broken?
Please check when you Receive the item, if found that is broken, Please pass back to our delivery man or take a photo E-mail to : [email protected] , we will resend to you on the next shipping day.


Q: Can i make a pre-order on a Month before?
Yes, you can make any pre-order , in a week, a month before, no matter how is your pre-order , we will ship out a day before your delivery date direct from our factory.


Q: Can i Check my shipment after my order?
Yes, after we ship out your order,you will Receive a Notification on SMS or E-mail you can track your shipment with a tracking number and a tracking website from our shipping company.


Q: What you mean door to door Delivery ?
Door to Door delivery mean we will delivery to the address like even your house, company , apartment, condo, or any catering area.


Q: How will you notify me if there is a problem with my order?
All order communication is done via email, so it’s important that your email address is accurate and current.


Q: Can i fix on the Delivery time like actually 8.00 PM ?
No. because with our 4 shipping time zone just between 3 -4 hours ( refer to our shipping time zone on our site )


Q: How about if your delivery man deliver on the time when Are out?
Our delivery man will put a Tag on your Gate, when you come back you can call to our delivery man, they will come again on your time.


Q: How about if i make a wrong Delivery time Zone?
you can call our shipping company hotline Number , you will get a Number on our Shipping Notification on sms or E-mail .


Q: I haven’t received my item. Who should I contact?
All orders are processed Monday through Friday but are not processed or shipped on weekends or holidays. Don’t forget to allow 1-2 business days for order processing, too! If you still think your order is missing in action, give us a call at +604-229 8185  internationally.


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